Cheque Cloning is an easy way for the fraudsters to cheat people. We have seen many cases of Cheque Cloning and we gave you several tips to be safe from it. Fraudsters are using the same trick again & again to cheat people. But this has become so common that people are not only responding quickly to it but also helping the police to grab the fraudsters.

A businessman of Sultanganj, Patna, Bihar named Ramesh Kumar has already been a victim of Cheque Cloning. At that time the fraudsters transacted Rs. 9 lakhs from his account easily. He was aware of the things that what happens when the fraudsters cheat them through Cheque Cloning. This time he was much aware of that and when he found that his mobile number is not working anymore then without wasting anytime he informed the bank as well as the nearest Police station.

Source : A Hindi Daily

When the fraudsters went to the bank to encash the check then the police team was already ready with the trap and they caught the fraudsters.

We request our readers to do the same thing if you are going through the same condition.
#BeAware #BeSafe and also #MakeAware

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