Online delivery nightmare is not a new thing in the market. We have seen many cases of junk delivered to common people instead of the listed product. 
However, the issue is not limited to common people now as even celebs are facing it. Dabangg movie actress recently ordered Bose headphones from Amazon. While she received an unopened & properly packaged order from Amazon’s side when she opened it, she was completely taken aback.

Taking to Twitter recently, Sonakshi Sinha wrote about her worst online shopping experience ever. The actor had apparently ordered bose headphones from Amazon recently and when the package came in, she instead received rusted iron pieces.

Sonakshi Sinha showed anger on Twitter
Sonakshi Sinha got rusted iron pieces from Amazon

Sonakshi wrote on Twitter, “Hey @amazonIN! Look what i got instead of the @bose headphones i ordered! Properly packed and unopened box, looked legit… but only on the outside. Oh and your customer service doesnt even want to help, thats what makes it even worse.

In another tweet she wrote, “Anybody want to buy a brand new shiny piece of junk for 18,000 bucks? (Yup, its a steal) Dont worry, im selling, not @amazonIN, so ull get exactly what you’re ordering. “

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