Day by day newer tactics are put in use by the fraudsters and scammers to fool us. With technology in every hand, it has became easier for them to cheat the people, especially those doing online transactions.

The Government is also spreading awareness among the public, but with new tools & tactics the fraudsters are able to trick and trap the common people.

A woman who had posted an ad on online classified website OLX for selling an item and priced it at ₹ 3500. The buyer transferred ₹ 13,500 in her account. What happened next was much shocking.

After two months of posting the ad the woman got a message on chat messenger of OLX. The intended buyer introduced himself as Vishal and said that he would like to purchase the product at the quoted price. He said that he want to purchase it for his sister who lives in Pune and it is a surprise for her. As he lives in Mumbai, his sister would come tomorrow to collect it.

After sharing the bank account details on WhatsApp to Vishal for transferring the money, she very soon got a message that ₹ 13,500 is credited to her bank account. On asking him, Vishal told her that this money was intended to be transferred to his mom. It got transferred her account by mistake. He then requested the woman to transfer the rest of the money (₹ 10,000) to his mom’s account through PayTM as she is in hospital and needs it urgently.

The Catch
The Woman didn’t fall into the emotions immediately and sensed that something was fishy. So, she checked her account balance online and also confirmed from the bank’s customer care about the deposited money. She found that there was no money deposited in her account recently. Vishal consistently asked her to PayTM the remaining money, as her mother is at clinic and it’s urgent.









It is highly appreciable that the lady used her common sense and didn’t get tricked.


What was suspicious?

  • The fraudster transferred the money within 5 minutes which is not possible in the case of NEFT. Firstly we have to add a BENEFICIARY ACCOUNT which takes a minimum of 30 minutes. On transferring the money through NEFT, it often takes a time of 2 hours.
  • IMPS / UPI is real quick and you can transfer small amount without adding beneficiary but before sending money every person cross-check the details which indicates that it’s not by mistake but intentional.
  • She got the message from the number “59444“. But on depositing the money we don’t get the information by a number (its like VK-CENTBK), containing the short name of the bank.
  • The buyer not even checked the product or asked the details and straight away transferred the money to her account.

The woman shared the entire fraud details on her Facebook post, where she quoted,

“How much can one misuse technology, stoop to new lows, manipulate your emotions for quick bucks! I really wish he used his intelligence that he invested in creating an account on a portal, making seemingly genuine inquiries, faking bank SMS es, cooking up tales and sharing Paytm details in something else and earned 10 rupees through honesty and hard work.”

Find the WA chat and the SMS I received and share it with friends and family. Hope nobody falls for such frauds.

Here are the numbers that I received calls from and was asked to transfer money to.

Call: +91 9967957477
Paytm: +91 8948413565

” #OLX #Cybercrimes #WatchoutAsYouTransactOnline ”

We suggest our readers to be very careful before selling or purchasing through unauthorized agents/ websites/ users. Never listen to instructions over phone without verifying.




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