We are now much familiar with the messages, e-mails, calls saying that you are the lucky winner of XYZ contest. The schemes appear so lucrative that we feel it trustworthy. The fraudster wants your personal details to use it as a fake identity.

In few cases they call the victim and informs that they are the winner of the contest and they can get the prize (such as a branded mobile phone) at much lower price. They say to the victim that they can receive the parcel through their nearest Post-Office and then pay a nominal fee to the postal courier staff.
Often, in such cases, the victim pays the money to receive the parcel but the parcel contains some cheap items in it. Victim then tries to call the number from which he/she got the offer but the phone call gives no response after that.

Similar case happens on e-mails and messages.

Fake Lottery prize winning E-mail demanding all personal details.

A new case of Lottery scams is seen in which the fraudster uses the identity of close relative or friend and wins the victim’s trust over the lottery scam.

After sending the lottery winning message or e-mail to the victim, the fraudster hacks the social media account of his close relative or friend and sends the message to the victim that he also got the same lottery prize after going through a relatively easy process.

This takes the victim into their trust and they send the details. After which the victim is asked to send a small upfront fee to transfer the money to their bank account as the international transfer fee which cannot be subtracted from the winning prize money due to some complex reasons.

After sending the money to the fraudster, they demand some additional fee again and again to transfer the money to the victim’s bank account. Then only the victim realizes that he is being scammed and contacts the person who said that he has also got the same lottery prize. In response, the person tells that their social media account is hacked from many days and they don’t know about any offer of this kind.

How can you know if lottery is real?

  • If you are a lottery winner then you must have bought a lottery ticket or applied for such lottery prize contest. There is no other way to be a winner in a lottery.
  • Lottery prize is given by deducting the transfer cost or tax from the lottery prize money itself, you don’t have to pay transfer money or anything from your side. It will only ask for your details to verify.
  • If you are eligible for the prize then you will be addressed by your name or the lottery ticket number by the organizing company.
  • Lottery company will send you mails through corporate services, not by the free mail service.
  • If you won a lottery then you have to notify the lottery selling company by showing them the lottery winning ticket.

Remember, there is no such thing as a free lunch 🙂



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