We have seen several cases in which the product delivered to the person is not as described on e-commerce sites. Similar cases also came into our view, when we went purchase product from some unauthorized stores. Many duplicate products (e.g LED TV, sports kit etc.) are sold on the name and tags of branded products.

Bakarganj, Patna is famous for all kinds of electronic products available at cheap rates as well as for branded items for sale. Patna Police came to know about the locally manufactured LED TV being sold with the labels of branded LED TV’s. These products were assembled with the help of some stolen LED TV’s parts or parts that they purchased from Delhi.
They assembled these products and labelled them with the branded company tags and sold them as original branded LED TV. They targeted mainly the rural areas to sold these LED TV’s. The boxes of the LED TV’s were also labelled on the name of branded LED TV’s company such that one can’t say that it’s not a branded LED TV.

  Local TV sets labelled & sold on the name of branded LED TV’s | Source : A Hindi Daily

While Purchasing Products, Things to be Kept in Mind

  • Always try to purchase from the Branded stores if you are purchasing a branded product.
  • Don’t fall in the trap of heavy discounts on the products.
  • Always take a proper bill while purchasing. It will help you in further claims.
  • Purchase these products if the service centers of these products are in your reach or it gives you a facility of Home Service.


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