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We have seen many hacks and scams in the our previous posts which helped you to be aware of it and be protected from these kind of frauds. Today we are going to talk about the recent scams and hacks which were used by the fraudsters.

Bank “Number Spoofing”

If your bank calls or texts you, don’t trust it and definitely don’t give out any of your details. If in doubt, contact your bank yourself so that you can be sure you are actually communicating with it.

Fake Microsoft browser hack warning

The Fake Microsoft Warning browser hijack is an internet virus that can be hard to spot. The first symptoms may be an unexpected change in your default browser or homepage search engine, but you’ll know you are infected when pop-up banners bombard your screen, becoming almost impossible not to click. What’s the motivation for these hackers? Well, the more ads you click on the more money they make.

Social media quiz scams

Which celebrity you look alike? Which Harry Potter house would you be in? Social media quizzes are undeniably fun. But sometimes things that seem very innocent aren’t. Some quizzes are designed to steal your data in an outright scam by asking permissions. By hiding embedded links in the quizzes hackers can steal information from your social media account, and in some instances that of your ‘friends’.

VPN filter malware

In May 2018 the authorities warned about a Russian malware called VPNFilter. The hacking campaign affected over half a million routers in 54 countries worldwide, creating a massive botnet and directly spying on and manipulating web activity.

Reddit data hack

In June 2018 the email addresses of an undisclosed number of Reddit users were accessed by hackers. Reddit reported the issue to law enforcement and is cooperating with the investigation. Reddit also messaged user accounts if there was a chance the credentials taken reflected the account’s current password.

Quora data breach

In December 2018, question-and-answer website Quora announced that its data records had been hacked. The names, email addresses and encrypted passwords of over 100 million users – about one third of its active monthly user base – are at risk. Quora has emailed the users who have been affected.

Facebook hack

While it took place a few years before, one of the most controversial data breach reveals of 2018 was that data analytics firm Cambridge Analytica had harvested 50 million Facebook profiles, collecting personal information and data on individual’s engagement via an app, in order to predict and influence the choices of voters in political elections.


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