Digital payments has revolutionised the world by making it easy to do transactions quickly and efficiently. We use digital platforms like Google Pay, BHIM, PhonePe, NEFT/IMPS etc. for sending money digitally. Money transfer through these digital payment apps are much easy and instant which attracts people to use these digital platforms for paying utility bills, shopping etc.
While this has become extremely convenient, every once in a while mistakes do happen. Nowadays, you can even send money through UPI without needing additional details like IFSC code, name, branch name etc.

Sometimes people mistype the account number while sending money or paying the utility bills. If the account number you mistype did not exist, money will be credited back to your account but if such an account number exists, money will be sent. In case something of this sort happens to you, here’s what you need to do

  1. Raise a Complaint:
    First thing you should do is, immediately inform your bank through a mail or call informing that you have done a mistake while transferring the amount or paying the utility bill. You should also raise a complaint to the customer care of the app through which payment is done and if possible you can contact the beneficiary.
  2. Meet the Branch Manager:
    You can meet the branch manager personally to sort out the unintended transaction made by you. You can raise a request in written form. In case the money has been transferred to an account in another bank or branch, only the bank where the receiver holds the account can sort it out.
  3. Legal Action:
    Most of the times the beneficiary meaning the person who accidentally received the money agree for the money to be transferred back but there could be a situation where they refuse. In case the beneficiary does not permit reversal of money, the bank can take a legal call and file a case on the account holder. You can initiate a legal action from your end as well. This must be used as a last resort.

These type of mistakes can cost you a lot of money so before transferring money or paying for any utility bill kindly check the details carefully. If you are sending a large amount of money then firstly send a lesser amount to the beneficiary to check that the money is transferred to the right beneficiary or not.


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