Everyday we come to know about several kinds of fraudulent activities. We are feeling much insecure in our life. What will happen next is not known but the risk of life and loosing anything in our life freezes our mind and we can’t even think at that time that what we are going to do. The fraudsters uses this kind of temperament of the person and cheat with them. A similar case happened with a NRI woman.

NRI woman named Deepshikha, got a call from her husband’s mobile which was hacked by the fraudsters and then she was threatened to transfer money and was looted 2.5 lakh rupees. Her husband Arun is a computer engineer in an American company and was in office when the NRI woman got the bribe call. The fraudsters told her that her husband is arrested due to the scam he did in the previous company and if she wants him to be freed then transfer the said money to their account.

Source : A Hindi Daily

The NRI woman transferred the money to the fraudsters’ bank account without any further queries. She was out of her mind at that time. She found that she got cheated when her husband came to home from office. They lodged the complaint in the Police station in America. On further investigation it is found that the fraud call that she got was from Bihar. American police agency is contacting the Central Govt. of India to reach the fraudsters.


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